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Zino Mini Pro and his brothers – Hubsan’s drones

by Fabio Affortunato
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In the post dedicated to the new drone Zino Mini Pro which should be the killer drone of the DJI MIni 2, entitled ” Zino Mini Pro the antagostist of DJI Mini 2“, I mentioned the manufacturer of the drone-UAS Zino Mini Pro, and its production of competition drones and quadcopter drones.

However, very few know that the new Hubasn Zino Mini Pro drone that is soon to be marketed has 5 brothers: Zino Pro Plus, Zino 2 Plus, Zino 2, Zino Pro and Zino. A large family characterized by “drone” machines that have somehow always annoyed the biggest competitor DJI.

Hubsan – The manufacturer of Zino Mini Pro and the Zino family

Hubsan is a Chinese manufacturer of UAS-based drones in Shenzhen (which can rightly be called the Chinese silicon valley), which has a long tradition as a manufacturer of model aircraft starting in the early 2000s. Specializing in the production of UAS-drones for leisure, Hubsan has created various models of drones with good technical characteristics and has conquered, not surprisingly, a prominent place among drone racing enthusiasts, with its super fast and manageable models.

Not only has Hubsan developed, in addition to racing drones and quadcopters for photos and videos, also two other lines of drones: one dedicated to FPV (First Person View) drones, which can be piloted through goggles and another line dedicated to drones. BNF (Bind aNd Fly), which stands for “connect and fly“. The BNF UAS-drones are in fact already fully assembled, but do not have the controller, which must be purchased separately.

Another feature of Hubasn drones is that they have a decidedly affordable price compared to drones of other brands, also in consideration of their excellent technical characteristics.

Just to hypothesize the possible price of the Zino Mini Pro, just think that the price of “his brothers” is as follows:

Zino Pro Plus $ 389.00 (€ 322.00)
Zino 2 Plus $ 519.00 (€ 429.00)
Zino 2 $ 499.00 (€ 413.00)
Zino Pro $ 379.00 (€ 313.00)
Zino $ 369.00 (€ 305.00).

Considering that they are all FPV drones, the price of the new Zino Mini Pro could be around $ 470-495 equal to about € 390.00-410.00 thus beating, even on price, the rival DJI Mini 2.

Zino Mini Pro and its brothers

Pending confirmation of the price and release date, but above all the field tests that can confirm the technical characteristics of this new Hubsan drone, here is the table with the summary of the technical specifications of all Husan’s Zino drones, including the Zino Mini Pro drone:


Credits about the images: The base of the cover image is taken from the video made by Hubsan for the presentation of the Hubsan Zino Mini Pro drone, and is owned by Hubsan. The use of the images is exclusively for the purpose of a better understanding of the contents of the article. Thanks to Hubsan for the video made available on YouTube.
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