Professional drones - Fixed wing

Professional drones models-UAV with fixed wing

From this page you can access the models of professional or work drones with fixed-wing.

By professional drones we mean those drones that for technical characteristics and load capacity, can therefore carry out professional activities such as surveys, surveys for aerial photogrammetry and 2D / 3D mapping, etc. Fixed wing refers to the functional capacity, lift, turn of the drone wing. The functional ability of movement is instead ensured by the propeller.

If, on the other hand, you are interested in professional drones with rotors please visit the relative page.

To access information relating to a specific model, just click on the relative image.

To know the importance of the technical specifications of professional drones in relation to the activity to be carried out see the article “Professional drones – The technical specifications” from the Blog.

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Note on the logos and images of drones: The logos and images of UAVs-drones on this page are taken from the websites of the relative manufacturers, which are the proprietary. The use of drone logos and images is exclusively for the purpose of both diversifying the illustrated products and a better understanding of the contents of the page.

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