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This page contains all the articles published on the 4mydrone site Blog, relating to the comments on the News on drones. The page contains all the articles published to date and therefore constitutes its archive. The archive Drones News Comments includes the Blog articles that comment on other articles on drones published by other websites, concerning drones and / or accessories, services, apps, etc. connected to them. All articles are listed by publication date, i.e. from the most recent to the oldest. The most recent articles will be shown at the top, while those with an earlier date will follow in order.

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Ring Always Home Cam Drone Home Security

Ring Always Home Cam – Guardian Drone

Ring Always Home Cam is a sort of flying guardian able to reach - with automatic flight - the place of the house where the alarm was triggered to check what is happening.
Colosseo Drone Caduto

Drone flies over the Colosseum and falls – Where are the controls?

Unthinkable but true! A tourist visiting the Colosseum flew his drone which soon after take-off crashed, fortunately without causing damage to people and to the Colosseum artifacts.

Innovation passes through drones

The European GNSS Agency (GSA), in concert with the European Commission agency for Galileo and EGNOS, have launched a competition called MyGalileoDrone for the development of applications and / or services that make use of drones that use a Galileo-EGNOS receiver .
Iliad Instadrone Drones

Iliad jump into drones world

Iliad, the French mobile operator, during the lockdown period, created a fund called Solid-19, through which it purchased 30% of Instadrone.
Dji Mavic Mini Drone Sapr Quadricottero

DJI Mavic Mini – Just landed!

Small, light, powerful (at least on paper), it is proposed as one of the novelties of the drone-sapr market chasing the new European legislation.


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