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Quick facts

This article, constantly updated, collects the Quick facts & KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) related to drones.

The data showed provide an overview of the world of drones.

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UAV-Drones market value (in bilioni di $)

  • 2018: 0.5
  • 2019: 1.2
  • 2020 (stima): 2.0
  • 2021 (stima): 3.0


UAVs-Drones manufacturers

  • UAVs manufactures worldwide (consolidated): 306
  • Top 5 manufactures

Classifica Produttori Droni 2020

Drone Uso

UAVs and pilots

  • UAVs registered in USAD: 1,563,263 (at 10.03.2020) of which:
    • 441.709 commercial UAVs
    • 1.117.900 leisure UAVs
  • USA remote certificed pilot: 171,744 (at 10.03.2020)
  • Commercial-professional UAVs registered in Italy: 8.524 (at 29.02.2020)
  • Pilots enabled for critical operations in Italy: 14,317 (at 29.02.2020)

Drone Uso

Drone accidents

Map Accidents Drones UAVs


caratteristiche videocamera


  • Average duration of a video shot with drone and published on YouTube: 2.30 minutes

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