ENAC – Italy regulations

Regolamento Droni Enac

This page contains the information about the ENAC docs (Italian National Civil Aviation Authority) standards, relating to Remotely Piloted Aircraft also known as UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) or Drones.

Due to the contents of the legal policy of the ENAC website, it is not possible to link the following documents, which must be searched on the ENAC website by the reader. The list of documents, however, facilitates the reader in searching for them.

Current ENAC regulations (available only in italian):

  • Regolamento mezzi aerei a pilotaggio remoto Ed. 3 – 3/11/2019
  • Circolare ATM-09 – Aeromobile a Pilotaggio Remoto Criteri di Utilizzo dello Spazio Aereo – 24/05/2019
  • Regole dell’Aria Italia Ed. 3 – RAIT –  22 /11/2016 (Emendamento 1 – 17/11/2017)
  • Standard scenarios

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