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Technical guides for UAVs-Drones and their ecosystems

This page contains all the technical guides published on the 4mydrone website, i.e. it constitutes the archive. The page contains all the articles published to date relating to the topic. The technical guides category therefore includes guides and articles related to various technical topics concerning drones and their ecosystems. For example: use of flight planners, use of Apps, drone maintenance, registration of the drone on d-flight, etc. Knowledge of the techniques to be used with drones on a specific topic is essential for the correct use of the drone and its accessories. Many of the guides on this page have been transformed into eBooks – pdf format – and can be downloaded from the eBook page. All guides are listed by publication date, i.e. from the most recent to the oldest. The most recent articles will be listed at the top, while those with an earlier date will follow in order.

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Drone Operation Area – The guide

The Drone Operation Area is a function of the d-flight portal that allows you to enter your flight missions and to check if there are other remotely piloted aircraft in the vicinity. This guide, in addition to explaining how to use it, also provides some simple tricks for more immediate use.

Drone inspections – Application fields

Description of the main types of inspections with drone, with reference to the peculiar aspects of the different types of inspection, which in fact characterize both the type of drone to be used and the difficulties the pilot could face.
Droni Ispezione

Inspections with drone – The drone’s specs

The use of drones for industrial, civil or environmental inspections and undoubtedly the most concrete one. The added value given by the drone is in fact remarkable in often difficult and risky settings for humans. But what are the requirements for an inspection drone?
Mappe Regole Aria Volo Drone

d-flight – How to check the maps to fly with the drone

The knowledge of the limitations of flying with the drone is fundamental to be always aligned with the drone regulation, also and especially when using the drone for free time, for taking photos or making movies. Iach drone pilot has to know how to consult the maps with flight restrictions available on the d-flight portal.
Droni Uav Acronimi

Drones-UAVs – Definitions and acronyms for orientation

The entry into force of the EASA European regulation on drones, initially planned for 1st July 2020 - but probably postponed due to the covid-19 emergency - will introduce new definitions and new acronyms that it is good to know. Let's see them together, in rigorous alphabetical order.
DJI Fly 1.0.8 Attention To Settings

DJI Fly 1.0.8 for Mavic Mini – Attention to the settings

DJI has released a new version of the DJI Fly App (1.0.8), which in addition to introducing greater stability, a solution to small bugs, has introduced a new option, potentially very dangerous, as regards RTH or Return To Home.
Register Drone D Flight

d-flight – Register your drone (guide)

One of the obligations of the new European regulation in force since 1 July 2020 is that of the registration of all drones, including those for leisure. This obligation is fulfilled through the d-flight portal. Let's see how.
Drone Racing

Drone for racing – The features

Competition drones, although conceptually comparable to professional drones or leisure drones, are in fact quite another thing. In fact, there are various elements that distinguish racing drones from others. By simply considering the basic characteristics, we can therefore divide them into two categories: physical or structural and performance.
Professional Paylaod Technical Specs

Professional Payloads – Read the technical specs

Professional payloads identify that set of specific payloads for carrying out professional activities. The purpose of this article is to provide a reference to identify the important technical features that must be taken into account when choosing the type of professional paylaod.

Windy – Let’s check the wind

Windy is a free via App and web solution, which allows you to know in real time the wind situation and the weather forecast, indispensable for both professional drone pilots and leisure pilots.


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