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This page contains all the articles published on the Blog of the 4mydrone site, relating to the Law on UAVs-Drones, and it constitutes its archive. The page contains all the articles published to date.. The page contains all the articles published to date. The category UAV-Drones regulation therefore includes news, articles and reviews relating to current regulations, at European, national and international level, which regulate the use of professional, leisure and competition UAVs-drones. Knowledge of the rules relating to the use of drones for work or entertainment is of fundamental importance to avoid incurring penalties. All articles are listed by publication date, i.e. from the most recent to the oldest. The most recent articles will be shown at the top, while those with an earlier date will follow in order.

.: Published regulation articles :.

Registrazione Pilota Droni Easa

Drone Pilot Registration – Register and fly anywhere in Europe

EASA explanatory note in the FAQ regarding the obligation to register the pilot and not the drone. References and exceptions.
D Flight Libreria Articoli Guide

d-flight: library and guides

Review of articles and pdf guides written by 4mydrone, concerning the services provided by the d-flight portal.
Scenari IT STS 01 IT STS 02 Terminatore Volo

Standard Scenarios IT-STS-01 and IT-STS-02 Vs Flight Terminator – News

Changes and fixes for the new standard scenarios STS-01 and STS-02 in relation to the use of the flight terminator.
Patetntino droni Enac online Operazioni Non Critiche

ENAC drone online license – Free eBooks for the test preparation

Free tools for preparing for the ENAC online test for the drone license - free eBooks for all exam subjects.
From Enac To Esa Drone Regulation P2

Drone regulations: from ENAC to EASA Part 2 – EASA regulation

Pending the entry into force of the European regulation on drones, analysis of the contents of the EASA regulation and its implications, for pilots and drones.
From Enac To Esa Drone Regulation P1

Drone regulations: from ENAC to EASA – Part 1

Pending the entry into force of the European regulation on drones, analysis of the current EANC regulation and the implications, for pilots and drones, in the transition from the current ENAC regulation to the EASA one.
Parco Pollino Malevento Drone

D-flight maps – Flying in the Italian National Parks

D-flight maps should always provide complete and exhaustive information to drone pilots about the areas where it is possible to fly. In practice this is not the case as there are areas - such as National Parks - where in some it is forbidden to fly and in others it is allowed. How to behave?
Online Drone License UAS General Knowledge 4mydrone

Online drone license – eBook: General knowledge of UAS

The basic knowledge of the components of an APR is therefore a fundamental subject of the tests for the online license. This eBook therefore deals with the general aspects that must be known to every driver.
Training Online Drones Data Protection Insurance Security 4mydrone

Online drone license – eBook: Privacy, Insurance, Security

Flying with the drone respecting the law imposes obligations to be respected in terms of privacy, insurance of the drone for damage to third parties and rules relating to security.
Training Online Drones Operative Procedures 4mydrone

Online drone license – eBook: Operating procedures

Operating procedures play a fundamental role in the aeronautical field and also apply to drones. Description of the operational scenarios and relative limits for operating according to regulations.


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