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Eachine – Viswhoop 2.5 Cinewhoop FPV

Racing drone FPV – BNF version

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Eachine Viswhoop 2.5

Eachine Viswhoop 2.5 FPV racing drone, available BNF (*) version without receiver and batteries. The Viswhoop drone does not have to be assembled.

In addition to racing drones, Eachine also produces leisure drones. The racing drones department consists of numerous models, some of which are ready to fly, others to be completed with the video camera or radio control. Different models can be driven in FPV mode. Rich availability of spare parts.

icona/icon function/funzioni


  • Real time video
  • Outdoor racing
  • FPV

icona/icon technical specs/specifiche tecniche

Drone’s technical specs

  • Model: Eachine Viswhoop 2.5 Inch 3-4S Cinewhoop
  • Type: 4 propellers – BNF (*)
  • Motors: rotoros
  • Weight: 124 gr (without battery)
  • Flight time: not declared
  • Motors brushless: KV5000
  • Flight controller: MCU upgraded to EFM8BB21
  • On Board ESC 4 in 1: Corrent 12A continuous peak 15A (5 seconds) – Support BLHeliSuite programmable – Factory firmware: F_H_40_REV16_7.HEX – Default protocol: DSHOT600 – Frsky D8/D16 compatible
  • Frsky version: Internal Frsky D8/16 receiver – Compatibile Non EU or EU-LBT transmitter both D8 mode and D16 mode – Chanali: 8ch/16ch
  • Battery: Lipo Battery – 3S 650mah/750mah/850mah non incluse
  • Max speed: not declared

Receiver options:
Compatible with: Compatible both Frsky D8 / D16 Radio transmitter and DJI FPV Radio transmitter

(*) BNF – Bind and Fly – Or drones to be connected in order to fly. This name generally indicates drones without the flight controller, which must be purchased separately.

icona/icon fotocamera/camera

Camera specs

  • Camera: Caddx Vista Mode (720p 60fps): 30-40ms
  • Max. transmisison distance: FCC/SRRC: 4km, CE: 0.7km

icona/iocn drone/UAV

Drone use

Drone Racing, drone competitions, outdoor drone competitions

icona/icon info

Info manufacturer

Possibility to purchase via e-commerce via Amazon and/or Banggood

Icona Immagini - Image

Images Viswhoop 2.5

Eachine Viswhoop Racing Drone FPV
Left side view – Source Eachine website
Eachine Viswhoop 2.5 FPV Racing Drone
Front view – Source Eachine website
Eachine Viswhoop 2.5 Racing Drone Fpv
Camera detail – Source Eachine website

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