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This page contains all the articles published on the Blog of the 4mydrone site, relating to the Drones-Beginner topic, or constitutes its archive. The page contains all the articles published to date. The Drone-Beginner category therefore includes articles, news, information and comments useful for those who approach the world of drones from scratch, of their connected ecosystems, including related regulatory aspects. All the articles in this archive therefore provide the starting points for anyone interested in approaching the world of drones and their ecosystems. All articles are listed by publication date, i.e. from the most recent to the oldest. The most recent articles will be shown at the top, while those with an earlier date will follow in order.

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Scegliere Drone - guida

Choosing the drone for hobby or work (Guide)

The choice of a drone represents an economic investment that in a short time will be subject to a significant devaluation. Hence the choice cannot be made without adequate analysis. This guide therefore offers a methodology for analyzing the requirements and performance for the choice of the drone.
Normativa Droni ENAC EASA Parte1

Drone regulations: from ENAC to EASA – Part 1

Pending the entry into force of the European regulation on drones, analysis of the current EANC regulation and the implications, for pilots and drones, in the transition from the current ENAC regulation to the EASA one.
App droni Aggiornamento

Drone apps – Important to keep them updated

Apps for drones are the human-machine interface that must always be kept up-to-date to manage the drone in the best possible way
Patetntino Online Enac Operazioni Non Critiche

Online license from 1st September – Let’s get ready with the free 4mydrone ebooks!

The tests for the online drone license will be available again no earlier than 1 September 2020. Those who have yet to take the drone pilot certificate for "Non-Critical Operations", to prepare can download the 4mydrone Ebooks for free.

Ap, Apr, Sapr – What do they mean? (Guide)

Quick guide to the meaning of the acronyms used for drones, their origin and field of application.
Eachine Viswhoop Drone Racing

Eachine Viswhoop – Small and powerful

Eachine Viswhoop is a BNF ready racing drone, suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots for its versatility, maneuverability and performance.
Specifiche Tecniche Droni

Drone technical specification – The guide

In the purchase phase of the drone it is fundamental to know how to fully understand the technical characteristics of the drone being evaluated. This is possible by reading the technical specifications of the drone. This guide explains what a drone's technical specifications are and how to read them.
Eachine Novice III Racing Drone

Eachine Novice III – Pure drone racing

The Eachine Novice III is a ready-to-fly racing drone (RTF), complete with all components (radio control, batteries, antenna, etc.). The drone is suitable for both beginners and experienced racers for its versatility, maneuverability and performance.
Patetntino Online Enac Operazioni Non Critiche

Online drone license is back!

Update and news about how to carry out the tests for obtaining the ENAC online drone license, free resources for test preparation.
KPIs Drones UAVs

KPIs – Performance indicators for choosing the drone (guide)

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are parameters that are used for project monitoring and decision making. 4mydrone - first in the world - has defined the KPIs to be used for the evaluation and choice of the drone.


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