• 07/10/20 - 09:00PM: ENAC corrects new standard scenarios IT-STS-01 and IT-STS-02
    Just disclosed and immediately corrected! ENAC corrects the oversight on flight terminators for the next IT-STS-01 and IT-STS-02 standard scenarios. More information in the blog article.
  • 06/10/20 - 02:00PM: D-Flight corrects the flight restrictions on National parks again
    4mydrone, unquestionably the first of all the websites that deal with drones, had reported the serious lack on 19 September of the d-flight portal about flight restrictions on National parks. D-flight took a piece, or rather two, by correcting the height limits. A detailed post available soon.
  • 07/22/2020 - 06:30PM: ENAC Obligation Transponder postponed to 1/1/2021
    ENAC on its website has published amendment 1 to regulation Ed.3 confirming the adoption that the date of entry into force of the electronic identification system of drones will be effective from 1/1/2021.


Drone Kit Construction – The perfect pilot’s bag

When you go out for a drone flight it is always good to have spare parts and other accessories. The purpose of the post is to show you how to build a practical bag with less than € 4.00 to house the accessories and documents of your drone, for a “quiet” flying day.

Choosing the drone for hobby or work (Guide)

The choice of a drone represents an economic investment that in a short time will be subject to a significant devaluation. Hence the choice cannot be made without adequate analysis. This guide therefore offers a methodology for analyzing the requirements and performance for the choice of the drone.


Drone Pilot Registration – Register and fly anywhere in Europe

EASA explanatory note in the FAQ regarding the obligation to register the pilot and not the drone. References and exceptions.

d-flight: library and guides

Review of articles and pdf guides written by 4mydrone, concerning the services provided by the d-flight portal.


How to prepare the exam for the ENAC online license

The achievement of the online license for gifts consists of a series of 40 multiple choice questions. To pass it, it is necessary to answer exactly at least 30 questions in an hour of time, but the test is not trivial, however, and implies the knowledge of a number of subjects. In the article resources to study and to simualre the test.

Ap, Hc, Mc, As: LIC15-ENAC drone acronyms

ENAC LIC15 is the note relating to Training Centers and Pilot Certificates for Remotely Piloted Air Vehicles. In the versions prior to the current one, some acronyms were used such as: Ap, Hc, Mc, As, L, VL and H, relating to both drones and pilot licenses (certificates), which no longer make sense. Let's see what they mean.


Eachine Viswhoop – Small and powerful

Eachine Viswhoop is a BNF ready racing drone, suitable for both beginners and experienced pilots for its versatility, maneuverability and performance.

Eachine Novice III – Pure drone racing

The Eachine Novice III is a ready-to-fly racing drone (RTF), complete with all components (radio control, batteries, antenna, etc.). The drone is suitable for both beginners and experienced racers for its versatility, maneuverability and performance.

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Professional Payloads – Read the technical specs

Professional payloads identify that set of specific payloads for carrying out professional activities. The purpose of this article is to provide a reference to identify the important technical features that must be taken into account when choosing the type of professional paylaod.


Pix4D – Drone imaging software

Pix4D is a company that develops software and App solutions, both for the post-processing of data acquired with the drone. In this article we therefore see the first of the solutions - Pix4Dmapper for aerophotogrammetry and mapping.


Abroad with the drone

Knowledge of the rules about the use of drones abroad is a fundamental aspect to be well evaluated before deciding whether to take your drone on a trip outside national borders.


Coding, Drones and STEM Education

The use of coding and drones allows you to lay the foundations for an intelligent and forward-looking training approach, perhaps with the integration of STEM Education.


Everything for your Drone-UAV in a website !!!

With 4mydrone you can easily find, in one click, articles, information and technical data sheets for your Drone-SAPR-UAV and related ecosystems (payload, Sw, App, Accessories, Events, Insurance, etc.).

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Abroad with the drone

Knowledge of the rules about the use of drones abroad is a fundamental aspect to be well evaluated before deciding whether to take your drone on a trip outside national borders.
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