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Windy – Let’s check the wind

by Fabio Affortunato
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Windy – To know where the wind is blowing

Windy is a free App and web brower solution, which allows you to know in real time the wind situation and the weather forecast in a certain area. As all professional drone pilots well know, but also amateur ones, the wind is not a friend of drones and can play tricks on our Sapr. It is therefore essential before planning a flight, especially if for work, to know the wind situation in the area where you will be operating. So let’s see what the Windy features are.

Windy via App

The Windy App, usable on tablets and smartphones for iOS and Android operating systems. It comes with a simple but effective interface. At the first access it asks to set some parameters that will be used to display wind and weather data in the units of measurement we are familiar with, such as oC, km/h or m/s, geo-localized.

Windy - schermata accesso

Screeshoot login App – Source Windy.com App

Once these parameters are set, the App with a simple animation shows us the wind direction in the area of interest with two data-menu areas: one at the top and one at the bottom.

Windy - home page app

Home page App – Source Windy.com App

Weather panel data

The data of the weather panel, with wind speed temperature and forecasts for day are available at the top of the screen:

Menu superiore App Windy

Abobe Menu Windy – Source Windy.com App

The information, if selected, activates a detail panel at the bottom of the screen. For example, by clicking on one of the days shown above, close to the temperature, the Windy App shows us the hourly detail of the weather conditions for that day.

Informazioni meteo Windy

Info meteo – Source Windy.com App

In this new panel it is then possible, by clicking on a certain time in this new panel, to see the animation with the wind conditions for that hour on the video.

In the same screen, at the bottom, there is a small red panel, where there are several icons:

Menu' inferiore Windy App

Bottom Menu – Source Windy.com App

For example, by selecting the wind icon we will see on the screen both the distribution of the wind according to the different classification criteria and the table values of the same.

Windy App - vento

Wind values according to classification models – Source Windy.com App

By selecting the other icons instead we will have data relating to the meteogram with the amount of rain, the airgram with the wind arrangement with the temperatures at various altitudes.

Windy - vento per quota

Wind at different height – Source Windy.com App

The height of the waves and the frequency by selecting the waves icon. By selecting the word Plus nstead we will have access to the digraphs according to the various wind forecasting methods and the possibility of comparing them.

Windy - modelli

Forecasting models compared – Source Windy.com App

By clicking on the X icon, you return to the previous screen.

Note that through the triangle icon located at the bottom left you can see the animation of the weather conditions in the days to follow. The animation stops with the || symbol.

Weather functions

Another rich menu offered by the Windy App is the one accessed through the symbol represented by three parallel lines. From this menu it is possible to select a series of different options, specific for each weather function: settings, find my position, radar and satellite, wind, rain and thunderstorms, temperature, clouds, waves, air quality, as well as the definition of the data to be reported on the map and forecast models, to which we will return shortly.

Windy - menu laterale

View of side menus – Source Windy.com App

Note that by selecting the cloud options it is possible to obtain from the Windy App the arrangement of the clouds at the various layers and the visibility of these parameters which are important for the flight of the drone.

Forecasting models

The App and the web browser solution use 3 forecasting systems: AROME 2Km, NEMS 4Km, ICON 7Km, ECMWF 9Km and GFS 22Km. These models refer to different providers and differ from each other in the reference distance relative to the area surrounding the geo-located point, the update interval and obviously parameter classification methodologies.

Windy via Web browser

As already mentioned, Windy is also available via web broswer at this link, with the same functionalities, plus the possibility of accessing data to the European Copernicus air quality platform.

windy web browser

Windy via web browser – Source Windy.com


Windy is without a doubt an excellent application – web solution to know the wind and the trend including the weather conditions in a certain area. It is not a native application for UAV-Sapr drones such as the UAV forecast App, but it is certainly valid and full of useful information for which you have to fly with the drone. Certainly a must2have App in your tablet-smartphone to consult before each flight.

Note regarding the images: The images (screenshoot) shown in the article are taken from the “Windy.com” App and the related web browser solution. The use of the images is exclusively for the purpose of a better understanding of the contents of the article. The highlighted image was created by 4mydrone.

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