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UAV Forecast – App for UAVs pilots

by Fabio Affortunato
UAV Forecast App SAPR-droni
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UAV Forecast – User guide

UAV Forecast is an App for iOS and Android that allows you to know the weather conditions, wind, humidity, visibility and many other parameters. Available as a free App for both Android and iOS in the Weather category. However this App is essential for every SAPR driver, indeed we can say that a “must to have” APP for all pilots. Let’s see why.

The importance of weather conditions in flight

Knowledge of the weather conditions, before and during the flight is one or of the fundamental aspects both for professional pilots who use the drone to carry out work, and for those who use the drone for free time.

It is good to remember that the flight with the UAV-drone must be scheduled and cannot be improvised. Knowing therefore that in a certain area there will be strong wind that will hinder the flight and the stability of the drone is of fundamental importance. Just as the high humidity and the presence of rain can damage the expensive payload mounted on the drone.

UAV Forecast – A powerfull App

UAV Forecast presents itself as a complete App capable of doing its job very well. The information provided by the App can also be acquired through the UAV Forecast website, which also allows you to register. The App provides the following information:

  • instantaneous weather conditions
  • hourly weather forecast
  • wind profile
  • areas allowed and forbidden to fly

Let’s see them in detail.

Instantaneous weather conditions

The instantaneous weather conditions panel is the first made available by the UAV Forecast App. Access is through the cloud-shaped icon on the bottom left with the wording “Conditions“. The information provided is therefore instantaneous, relating to a certain area.

The information contained is immediate and easy to interpret. Above, and clearly visible, the writing that summarizes the parameters and that provides the first indication to the pilot based on the conditions of the moment, whether “Gool to fly” or “Not good to fly “.

UAV Forecast Condizioni Meteo

Screenshoot weather condtions – Source UAV Forecast App

Following, other important information such as Weather, Sun, temperature, etc. Each indicator is in turn clickable and allows a further source of information. So for example by selecting on “Gusts” you get this panel:

UAV Forecast App - Raffiche Settaggio

Wind gusts – setting values – Source UAV Forecast App

In which it is possible, by acting on the selectors, to obtain further information, for example on the gusts of wind at x meters from the ground and their intensity and make the desired setting.

The forecast panel of the UAV Forecast App also provides two other extremely useful information: the indicator of visible and locked satellites and the Kp index. The latter in fact provides important information. If the value is greater than 3, it means that there is the possibility of interruption of the GPS reception and therefore goodbye geferenced flight of the UAV.

Hourly weather forecast

The information contained in this panel is accessed by touching the “Forecast” icon. What he gets is a picture with the hourly forecasts for the parameters already shown in the “Conditions” screenshoot.

UAV Forecast Previsioni

Forecast panel – Source UAV Forecast App

The information contained in this panel is therefore very useful because it covers an interval of 24 hours and allows you to plan the drone’s flight mission well.

Wind profile

One of the strengths of the UAV forecast app is precisely the information provided by the wind profile panel. Access is via the icon represented by an arrow pointing upwards with the word “Wind profile“. The information shown therefore shows the wind profile at various heights understood as base speed and gust speed. The temperature at the various heights completes the picture.

UAV Foreacat Profilo Del Vento

Wind profile – Source UAV Forecast App

The knowledge of the wind profile is one of the fundamental information to be known before and during the flight, since the drone, whether professional or for leisure, has a well-defined ability to withstand wind. Gusts higher than the speed “bearable by the drone” invalidate the stability of the same with possible unpleasant consequences.

Areas allowed and forbidden to fly – Map

The last feature offered by the UAV Forecast is the Map function. Represented with a map sheet type icon under the word “Map“. Selecting it you access the map of the location in which we are located, with the indication of the areas (NOTAM, DJI NFZ, Airports, etc.), where there are limitations on the flight with the UAV. Within this function it is therefore possible to view the type of map (road, satellite, hybrid, terrain) you are interested in and by using the wheel (Setting) at the top right you can include and exclude examples such as certain airports, bases seaplane etc.

UAV Forecast Aree Volo

UAV Forecast – Fly zones – Source UAV Forecast App

Finally, the UAV Forecast App allows you to access all the settings of the individual panels provided through the icon represented by a “Settings” wheel, as well as online help through the “? – Help” icon.

UAV Forecast - Impostazioni e Aiuto

UAV Forecast Settings – Source UAV Forecast App


UAV Forecast for the completeness of the basic functions – offered for free – is undoubtedly an App to have in your set of Drone Apps.

Available in many languages, also present as a website, UAV Forecast is confirmed as the iOS and Android App for the knowledge of the weather forecast for the SAPR flight, which is more reliable, simple and immediate to use, together with the other Windy.com App available for both iOS and Android, although the latter is not specific for drones-Sapr and UAV.

Note regarding the images: The images (screenshoot) showed in the article are taken from the “UAV forecast” App. The use of the images is exclusively for the purpose of a better understanding of the contents of the article. The highlighted image was created by 4mydrone.

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