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PolarPro App – The App for drone ND filters no longer available

by Fabio Affortunato
Polarpro App Ios Android Droni Discontinued
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PolarPro App for iOS and Android was an excellent App for choosing ND filters for drones and for the consequent appropriate setting of the camera parameters.

Unfortunately, by choice of PolarPro itself, as reported on the landing page of the PolarPro website, the App is no longer supported for both iOS and Android, and has been removed from the two related Marketplace Apple Store and Google Play, pending future developments.

The latest stable versions of the App for iOS and Android corresponded to the following releases:

  • iOS:
    • version iOS: 10.0
    • App version: 5.8
    • last update: 29/04/2019
  • Android:
    • version Android: 5.0
    • App version: 3.5
    • last update: 27/04/2019

PolarPro App – The survivor’s guide

For those who have still installed the PolarPro App for iOS and Android systems, if they have not installed new versions of the two OSs, and want to continue using it, there is an excellent guide (in English), on the dronephotographybible website, which at the link “How to use the PolarPro app to improve your drone photography“. The guide – step by step – illustrates the operation and use of the App, in relation to the chosen ND filter, the Kp Index, wind, etc.

Alternatives to the PolarPro App?

Unfortunately No! The PolarPro App for was conceived, does not have an equal alternative available. While waiting for “future developments”, certainly not with the contents that the PolarPro App had, the parent company has only made available, on the “Tutorial-How-To” page of its website, a series of guides that also include the use of filters with the drone but which unfortunately still refer to the defunct App.

Drone photography bible – Resources for drone photography

For consolation, finally, I would like to point out the Drone photography bible website, already mentioned above with the relative link, which is worth visiting and adding to your browser favorites.

The site, dedicated to drone photographers, is well structured and has two sections full of resources: “Guides” and “Tutorial“.

In the first section, there are many technical guides (eg how to repair corrupt video files, or how to take photos for real estate for professional services, etc.). The second section, currently being expanded, contains tutorials at the moment on DJI Mini and on how to carry out a roof inspection, but as mentioned it is being expanded.

Note regarding the images: The featured image is taken from the pixabay.com website. free for commercial use and without request for attribution. The author is Michal Invisiblepower. The PolarPro App icon is taken from the Google Play marketplace, PolarPro is the rightful owner. The crying face is taken from emojiterra.com licensed under the Creative Commons Share Alike License 4.0 (CC BY-SA 4.0). The use of the images is exclusively for the purpose of a better understanding of the contents of the article.

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