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New entry drones-UAVs – 10th Mar 2020

by Fabio Affortunato
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Drones-UVAs new models – New entry 10th Mar 2020

New drones-models of professional, recreational/leisure and racing-Sapr drones reviewed on the 4mydrone website.

The new models of UAVs-drones, reviewed by 4mydrone, are equipped with a technical data sheet with specifications and photos, and are classified according to the category they belong to, that is:

  • professional: fixed wing or rotors drones
  • leisure/free-time: fixed wing or rotors drones
  • competition-racing drones
  • sport-selfie drones.

This section, through the links on the page, refers both to the categories of the new drones reviewed, for an overview of the category, to the manufacturer’s website for the acquisition of more details, and to the technical sheet of the drone model -sapr with the specifications previously mentioned.

Each technical sheet is completed with overall and detail photos of the drone and/or its components.

The consultation of the category new UAVs-new entry UAVs, accessible through the navigation menu “News-Blog“, intended as an archive of posts published on this topic, allows you to quickly view all the UVAs that have been the subject of review.

New competition-racing drone models added on 10.03.20

Category: Professional drones-UAVs – Rotors

Manufacturer: Acecore Technologies

New models reviewed:

  • Zoe
  • Neo

To access the detailed technical data sheet of the drone, click on the corresponding image.

Acecore Zoe professional drone

Zoe – Image taken from Acer Technologies website


Neo – Image taken from Acer Technologies website






Note regarding the images: The images of the drones-UAVs showed in the article are taken from manufactor website that is the legitimate owner. The use of the images is exclusively for the purpose of a better understanding of the contents of the article. The featured image was created by 4mydrone.

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