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EVLOS & BVLOS – ENAC towards Catg. Specific EASA

by Fabio Affortunato
EVLOS-BVLOS LIC15 ENAC - normativa droni
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ENAC and LIC15

Through the circular LIC15 of the last 14/04/2020, ENAC, with small steps is moving more and more towards the European legislation on drones, or the European Implementation Regulation, whose entry into force should be confirmed for January 1st, 2021.

The subject of the matter concerns the qualification to fly in EVLOS / BVLOS. In fact, LIC 15 is the circular that specifically concerns the training of pilots of remotely piloted vehicles. It is therefore important to know its contents, given that EVLOS and BVLOS flight is important especially in carrying out professional activities with the drone.


Before analyzing the contents of the LIC15, it is good to remember what the acronyms EVLOS and BVLOS indicate, cited both by the legislation on drones and in the implementing regulations of ENAC and EASA and I visit that the difference between EVLOS and BVLOS is not trivial.


EVLOS is an acronym for Extended Visual Line of Sight – Extended Visual Line. This abbreviation refers to operations in VLOS (Visual Line Of Sight), where the VLOS requirements are met with the use of alternative methods accepted by ENAC, such as the use of observers who help the remote pilot when the drone disappears from view or is too far away. For the European legislation on drones, EASA, these operations fall into the Certified category.


BVLOS stands for Beyond Visual Line of Sight – Beyond the visual line. The acronym identifies the operations that take place with instrument flight. For the European drone regulation, EASA, these operations fall into the Specific category. The flight in VLOS, therefore requires that it takes place according to the procedures and systems approved by ENAC.

LIC15 – Training of EVLOS and BVLOS drivers

In relation, precisely to the stages of approach of the European drone legislation, EANC has published explanatory notes through the information note NI-2020-022 of the REGULATION “Remotely Piloted Aircraft” APR pilots – EVLOS / BVLOS operations.

These notes cover several aspects:

  • the planned courses,
  • the subjects covered by the theoretical course,
  • the contents of the practical course,
  • instructor experience,
  • recognition of experience.


The information note is available on the ENAC website (which cannot be linked to the legal policy of the ENAC website). We recommend downloading and careful reading to those interested or who need to carry out EVLOS / BVLOS certification for professional reasons.

Note on the images: The highlighted image was created by 4mydrone on a basic photo taken from the pixaby.com site, free for commercial use, the author is DJI-Agras.

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