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Drone Kit Construction – The perfect pilot’s bag

by Fabio Affortunato
Costruzione Kit Droni
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When you go out for a drone flight it is always good to have spare parts and other accessories, possibly easily identifiable and accessible. The purpose of the post is to show you how to build a practical bag for transporting the drone, accessories and documents of your drone with less than € 4.00.

The bag I’m going to show you is much more practical than a backpack or a duffel bag because it allows you to have everything you need in just two compartments without having to go crazy to search for this or that accessory. The bag in question therefore perfectly contains the drone, the remote control, documents and all the accessories necessary for a “quiet” day of flight.

The materials for the construction of the drone kit are easily available on the market.

Bag for drones kit

Required material

  • Cardboard box with minimum dimensions of 25 x 34 26 cm,
  • 1 rigid plastic sheet,
  • 2.5 meters nautical rope of medium thickness

Drone kit bag construction

First, get a cardboard box of the indicated size. In practice I used a pre-formed Ikea box (Pappis) which costs € 0.80, but you can use any box.

Scatola Pappis Ikea Kit Droni

Pappis box Ikea – Image taken from Ikea webstore

Note: The reference drone used for the drone kit is the DJI Mavic, so the kit is great for all similar sized drones. For larger drones a larger box is required. It is possible to replace the cardboard box (which is very resistant) with a plastic box and follow the procedure described below.

In a DIY store, get a plastic sheet like the one in the picture (a 1 m sheet costs € 1.50), or alternatively strong cardboard. Also in the DIY shop, buy 2.5 m of nautical rope of an average thickness (cost about € 1.20 euros).

At this point, if you have the Ikea box (otherwise the procedure is the same for any other box), assemble it and drill 6 holes on both sides, as shown in the figure. They will be used to pass the nautical rope through.

Kit Droni Accessori

Indication of the 6 holes – Box image taken from the Ikea webstore

Take the rope, double it and begin to pass the free ends through the 6 holes on one side, then pass them inside the box and repeat the operation of passing through the holes on the opposite side. Make sure that the handles are symmetrical so that the box is balanced. Once you have positioned the rope, cut the excess one.

In the lower flaps of the box, place the ropes so that they are housed on the bottom of the box and are therefore not visible. At this point the box is ready.

Kit Droni Pilota

Kit box for Drone – 4mydrone

Now from the plastic sheet cut a panel (A) of a size that can fit into the box (in the case of the Pappis 1 panel of 24 x 33 cm), then cut 6 strips of plastic: 4 strips of 3 x 33 cm (B) and 2 strips of 2 x 15 cm (C)). The first (B) will serve as delimiters for documents, while the second (C) as flaps of the mobile separator between the various accessories and the drone.

Glue its 3 x 33 cm plastic strips (B) to the short sides of the box about 3-4 cm from the long side and repeat the operation on the opposite side. In this way you will have a fixed support in which to insert the documents.

Kit Droni Box Scomparto Documenti

Document compartment drone kit – Support position – 4mydrone

Now take the panel (A), and in the lower part pin with a stapler the two tabs (C) on the two opposite sides of the panel as in the figure:

Kit Box Droni Dettaglio Alette Separatore

Drone box kit – Detail of separator flap – 4mydrone

At this point the separators and the mobile compartment are ready. The first part of the drone kit construction is therefore completed:

Kit Droni Accessori Scomparti

Compartment accessories drone kit – 4mydrone

Drone kit construction – Preparation of the kit

The preparation of the kit for the drone must or should (but this is subjective) the following:


  • Drone operation manual,
  • Copy of the certificate “Non-Critical Operations” – “Critical Operations”,
  • Copy of insurance certificate,
  • Copy of any authorizations, emails, etc.,
  • Copy of the d-flight registration of the drone – QR code (which should be pasted on the drone anyway),
  • Paper logbooks where required.


  • Spare batteries (2 or 3 or those available),
  • Batteries Car charger,
  • Propellers (4 pairs) and screwdriver,
  • Power-bank for charging smartphones and tablets,
  • Cables for radio control connection to smartphone or tablet,
  • Camera cleaning kit,
  • Normal charger,
  • Connection support for smartphone-tablet with remote control,
    “Drone pilot” vest (where required),
  • Landing pad,
  • Anemometer,
  • ND filters for camera,
  • Gimbal protection.


  • Reflex camera and / or video camera.

Carrying a digital camera with you is always a good idea as it can come in handy on a number of occasions, and also if you want to have a friend shoot you while you are piloting your drone.

In the figure the various accessories described in the previous points:

Drone Kit Accessori 4mydrone

Drone and Accessory Kit – 4mydrone

For the drone and the radio control there are protective containers at affordable prices, easily available on the web.

To neatly store the accessories and thus maximize the capacity of the drone flight kit, it is advisable to use transparent plastic bags with zip or bags given during flights by airlines (as in the photos shown in the figure).


Kit Drone Eliche Carabatteria Auto

Propeller Drone Kit and the Courtesy bag – 4mydrone

Finally a recommendation regarding the drone’s LI.PO batteries: use Li.Po. containers. safe guard, they are cheap, they are fireproof and even in case of a long stay in the sun of the accessory kit, you will have no problems.

Below is the gallery of accessories to be included in the drone kit:

Drone e Radiocomando
Drone and Radio Control - Case - 4mydrone
Kit Drone Eliche Carabatteria Auto
Drone Propellers Kit - Car Battery Charger - 4mydrone
Kit Droni Caricabatterie Cavetti Connessione
Battery charger and connection cables - 4mydrone
Kit Drone Accessori Batterie LI.PO e LI.PO safe guard
Li.Po. batteries with Safe Guard case - 4mydrone
Kit Droni Powr-Bank - Cavi Connessione
Power Bank & Cables for Connection
Kit Droni Supporto Smartphone Filtri ND
Smartphone support drones kit and ND filters - 4mydrone

Everything can therefore be easily housed in the drone kit box set up, where there is space for both the reflex and some other accessories.

Kit Droni Completo

KDrones kit complete with drone and accessories in the self-built box – 4mydrone


A drone accessory kit described above therefore allows you to face a day of flight safely even in the event of minor failures (replacement propellers). The drone accessory kit is a practical and economical solution also for storing everything related to your drone at home.

And … go flight!

Note regarding the images: The featured image is taken from pixabay.com, free for commercial use and without attribution request. The authors of the icon and the basic image used for the creation of the cover image are respectively: of ThePixelman for the photo of the helicopter, and of OpenClipart-Vectors for the icon of the little man. The image of the Pappis box is taken from the Ikea website. The other photos in the post were made by 4mydrone, as well as the box for the drone kit is a realization of 4mydrone.

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