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d-flight: library and guides

by Fabio Affortunato
D Flight Libreria Articoli Guide
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d-flight and related topics-services always arouse a lot of interest from visitors, who sometimes, focusing on a single blog article, lose the opportunity to explore other topics and content related to the d-flight topic.

The purpose of this article is to bring together in a single “place” all the topics covered so far in the 4mydrone Blog regarding d-flight.

For those who are now approaching the world of drones it is an opportunity as in a single article there is everything you need to know about how to access, register and use the d-flight portal and the services provided.

To access the d-flight portal directly, select following link.

Articles and guides from the 4mydrone Blog on d-flight

Articles from the Blog on d-flight and services provided

Abstract: d-flight, is the service where you can view aeronautical maps and register your drone/UAVs. On paper, the portal should become the point of reference for both professional and recreational drone pilots.

Abstract: One of the obligations of the new European regulation in force since 1st July 2020 (delayed till 1st January 2021) is that of the registration of all drones, including those for leisure. This obligation is fulfilled through the d-flight portal. Let’s see how.

Abstract: Knowledge of the limitations of flying with the drone is fundamental to be always aligned with the drone regulation, also and especially when using the drone for free time, for taking photos or making movies. Each drone pilot has to know how to consult the maps with flight restrictions available on the d-flight portal.

Abstract: The d-flight portal has made two important changes. One concerns the new registration method of the drone and the other the release of a new function the Drone Operation Area for mission awareness.

Abstract: The Drone Operation Area is a function of the d-flight portal that allows you to enter your flight missions and check if there are other operational remotely piloted aircraft nearby. This guide in addition to explaining how to use it, also provides some simple tricks for a more immediate use.

Abstract: Summer is the best time to fly with the drone as a hobby, take pictures and take aerial shots and selfies. However, by regulation, there are areas where it is not possible to use the drone. One of these is the beach. Let’s see where this rule of the air comes from.

Abstract: d-flight maps should always provide complete and exhaustive information to drone pilots about the areas where it is possible to fly. In practice this is not the case as there are areas – such as National Parks – where in some it is forbidden to fly and in others it is allowed. How to behave?

Guides related to d-flight services in pdf for download

Please note that the pdf guides related to “How to register the drone on d-flight portal” and “guide to the definition of the Drone Operation Area on d-flight portal” have not been yet translate in English, please refer to Blog Articles: d-flight – Register your drone (guide) and Drone Operation Area – The guide.

Note regarding the images: The featured image is taken from the pixabay.com website. free for commercial use and without request for attribution. The author is Michal Jarmoluk.

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