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New drones Apps reviewed – 27th Feb 2020

by Fabio Affortunato
New Apps Drones 27 02 20
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New drone apps reviewed on 27th Feb 2020

New Apps for drones, for iOS and Android operating systems, for smartphones and tablets, useful for your drone, accessed from the 4mydrone website.

The new apps for drones, for Operating Systems (O.S.), iOS and Android, identified in the Google Play e Apple Store marketplaces, reviewed in the 4mydrone are equipped with a technical data sheet, with all the information necessary to understand both the functionalities of the App, the O.S. supported and cost and much more.

The reviewed Apps are therefore classified, both according to the operating system on which they operate, iOS for Apple and Android for the other devices, and by category as belonging:

  • Flight areas-Fly zones
  • Camera-gimbal
  • Flight control and management
  • Logbook & check list
  • Weather forecast
  • Flight planning
  • Professional Apps
  • Utility

The new Apps section, through the links on the page, therefore refers to the new individual App technical data sheets reviewed.

It should be remembered that the consultation of the different categories of the App can be accessed through the “SW & App > Drone App” navigation menu and the “Android” and “iOS” sub-menus. In each of the two sub-menus, then, the section of the “Free or with App purchases” and those of the “Paid App” (to be implemented) can be selected.

The new Apps section, with all the related posts, can be understood as an archive of posts published on this topic, and allows you to quickly view all the new Apps that have been reviewed.

By clicking on the App icon, you can then access the descriptive technical data sheet of the App itself, on the 4mydrone.com website.

Category: Flight planning iOS

App: Dronelink for DJI

S.O.: iOS

Description: Dronelink for DJI for iOS, is an application that allows the autonomous flight management of DJI drones through waypoints.

Dronelink DJI App iOS drones




App: Tag Pilot for DJI

S.O.: iOS

Description: Tag Pilot for DJI iOS is an application that allows DJI drone flight planning based on knowledge of the nature of the surrounding terrain. The App allows you to keep track of points of interest and allows you to program the autonomous flight of the drone.

Tag Pilot DJI iOS App Drones




Categoria: Utility App iOS

App: Copilot – Dual Display

S.O.: iOS

Description: Copilot – Dual Display iOS is an application that allows the duplication of the display – real time  vision – on two different iOS devices.

Copilot Dualdisplay DJI iOS App Drones




Note on the App icons: The App icons showed in the article are taken from the Google Play and Apple Store marketplaces. The owner of the icon representing a specific App is the developer of the App itself. The use of the App icons is exclusively for the purpose of a better understanding of the contents of the article. The featured image was created by 4mydrone.

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