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Advertising on 4mydrone – Web pages

by Fabio Affortunato

Offer advertising through the 4mydrone site

Advertising for companies, professionals and third party products is managed on the “4mydrone.com” site through two different types of offers based on:

All offers have a minimum period of 1 month. Discounts are available for multiples of one month (e.g. for one year only 11 months are paid).

The web pages and banners are intended to reach a specific target audience directly interested in the topics covered in the Blog and in the related articles, or related topics, taking advantage of the web positioning of the 4mydrone website and Blog.

Advertising based on web pages

Advertising of products or services based on web pages, whether drones, software, apps, accessories or payloads, professional services or other, is based on an entire web page entirely dedicated to the product or service.

Note: The advertising of products-services based on web pages is characterized by an extremely convenient cost both on a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis, and is comparable to the cost of 1/2 cup of coffee per day!

The example of advertising on web pages is visible on any page of the 4mydrone site selectable through the different categories of the navigation menu. 

For more details and information, send an email by filling out the form below with your data and specifying the time length of the advertising on the web pages you are interested in – monthly, quarterly, half-year or yearly -.

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